ONEIA’s water caucus

Ontario is a world leader in companies that provide water, wastewater and stormwater solutions.  Whether it is cutting edge technology to purify drinking water, applications for wastewater and stormwater treatment and management or a range of service firms that design and implement the systems of tomorrow, Ontario companies are on the forefront of meeting this global need.

The Ontario Environment Industry Association (ONEIA) is the business association for our province’s environment and cleantech firms.  Our network of thousands of contacts includes key people at environmental technology, product and service companies, law, investment and insurance firms, institutes, universities and governments. Through their innovation and experience in Ontario and around the world, Ontario’s environment industry provides market-driven solutions for society's most pressing environmental problems.

About Ontario’s water sector

Ontario is home to the majority of Canada’s environment and cleantech firms – and a critical mass of its water and wastewater companies. ONEIA’s model shows five (5) interrelated portions of this dynamic sector:

  • Drinking water treatment firms represent the most visible portion of this sector, offering standard and new technologies to purify and manage potable water for personal and industrial use.

  • Wastewater treatment firms focus on the other end of the pipe, offering technologies and approaches that deal with sewage, industrial wastewater and other liquid waste processes. 

  • Stormwater treatment firms focus on technologies that manage runoff improve the quality of stormwater by removing debris and pollutants and contaminants prior to discharge.

  • Groundwater firms can often be found dealing with contaminated sites and other issues related to natural water tables.

  • Consulting and service firms, for their part, offer a range of design, analysis and other services related to the four sub-sectors above, often working collaboratively on their projects.

About ONEIA’s water caucus

ONEIA’s water caucus is made up of the province’s leading firms drawn from these five area.  These firms, through their stewardship of ONEIA’s water subcommittee, actively engage in policy discussions with the province and meet regularly to discuss issues of mutual concern. 

Water companies within the ONEIA membership

Click here to see a list that notes a selection of companies within the ONEIA membership that work in one of the five areas outlined in our model of the Ontario water sector.

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