Minister Bradley addressed Ontario environment and cleantech firms

On March 22, Ontario Environment Minister The Hon. Jim Bradley offered his annual address to a packed house of more than 100 environment and cleantech companies

In an address timed to coincide with World Water Day, the Minister reiterated his government's commitment to work with ONEIA members to better focus regulations, encourage the development of new technologies and create the "winning conditions" for growth and investment. 

The Minister hailed the industry, saying it "does more than add value to traditional industries in Ontario.  The environment industry is a significant driver of economic growth and employment in its own right."  He went on to stress that the Province will focus on Great Lakes water quality in the coming year and will address outstanding issues in the waste field, including waste diversion programs.  The Minister placed particular importance on the annual industry-government Environment Industry Day (EID), which is scheduled for May 9, calling it an excellent example of a productive dialogue that is focused on solutions.

Photos of the morning are to follow....
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