ONEIA submits response to proposed excess soil management policy framework

ONEIA applauds the effort and commitment shown in the MOECC led Policy Framework development  for   excess   soils   in   Ontario. It is our general opinion that the MOECC  has “got it right,”  but there is still much work to be completed in establishing the fine details of the  Policy. 

It is also pointed out that the Framework only outlines the process; and that the industry is still waiting for definitive actions, processes and rules. Getting this implemented in a timely manner should be the highest priority for this Policy Framework, which starts with the formation of the ESSEG and multi-ministry working group. The implementation plan should be tied in with land use policy at the municipal level with the critical assistance of the MMAH.

Please CLICK HERE for ONEIA's Excess Soils Working Group's response to excess soils EBR #012-6065 as submitted to the registry portal on March 26, 2016.

 ONEIA responds to the EBR posting of the Waste Free Ontario Act

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