Environment Industry Day - April 5, 2011

Remarks from the EID Chair

EID Chair, John Dragasevich - Filter InnovationsGood Morning everyone!  I am pleased to be here as chairman of Environment Industry Day and to have had the honor of working with our very talented and dedicated committee members over the past few months to make this day possible.  I know we all have busy schedules, so I am very pleased so many of us are able to make time to talk to government about the importance of our environment.

It seems like not a day goes by where we don’t read about the latest oil spill, how we don’t have enough green energy, how there is no more room in our landfills or even worse , because of the recent tragedy in Japan, that our air, water and land may be contaminated for years . Today is a day were we can make a difference and help influence the lawmakers of our province. EID provides a very unique forum where government and industry meet so we can change the old way of thinking and how things are done.

We know that a lot of what we do in the environment sector is influenced by government.  For example, in the water field, where Filter Innovations is focused, regulations and investments drive a significant portion of our industry.  And I’m sure it is the same with those of you who work in other areas of the environment sector.  Government has a lot of influence over our work and that is why days like today are so important.  We are helping politicians and government better understand our industry so that we get better policies that help the environment and help our businesses.

EID is an opportunity to work with government to establish policies and programs which make sense in establishing new regulations. The importance of today’s theme “Tomorrow's Jobs today”  becomes even more significant as we (ONEIA companies) can influence the government to implement more stringent guidelines based on the newest and best technology which you would have invested research, time and resources to create, which then translates into innovation and jobs from Ontario-based companies.

From this partnership between government and industry, we are able to better protect the environment and act together to be proactive and provide for us today, and for our children tomorrow, a greener world.

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