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    • 22 Sep 2021
    • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    • virtual

    A growing number of companies around the world are repurposing what we used to call “waste” into new and higher-value products. An exciting example of this is in the area of organics, where companies are taking post-consumer food materials and turning them into products as diverse as biofuels, renewable natural gas, and plastics – in addition to more traditional compost. As growing populations and industries produce more organic by-products each year, how are companies taking advantage of this opportunity to deliver environmental and economic benefits? 

    This event will bring together parties that collect and sort organics and those that process them to extract value to discuss their innovative approaches and the challenges they face in a real-life example of a circular economy value chain. 

    • DATE:  Wednesday, September 22, 2021
    • TIME:  1:00 to 2:30 PM EST
    • LOCATION:  Held via zoom
      1. Introductions
      2. Maximizing Organic Value: Two leading companies (Stormfisher and Convertus) in repurposing organics offer virtual tours of their facilities and how they derive value from organics feedstock.
      3. Collections and Sorting - Challenges and Innovations: Leading companies in collecting and sorting organic materials and a leading municipality will share their perspective, challenges and innovations they are developing.
      4. Panel Discussion: The representatives discuss supply chains, collaboration challenges and best practices, and what they need from a progressive regulatory environment.
      5. Government Response: Regulator and/or municipalities are invited to respond to the discussion. 
      6. Q&A Period

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      This event is brought to you in partnership with the Consulates-General of the Netherlands in Toronto and Vancouver.

      • 05 Oct 2021
      • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
      • Virutal

      Webinar:  Doing Business with the Government of Canada

      Presented by Procurement Assistance Canada

      This free webinar will help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Ontario's environment and cleantech sector better understand and engage with the federal procurement process. 

      The Government of Canada is one of the largest purchasers of goods and services in Canada. They buy a wide range of goods and services each year with contracts ranging from hundreds to billions of dollars. 

      74% of all contracts valued at $1-million or less were awarded to small businesses! Don't miss out on the business building opportunity.

      Topics covered include:

      • Understanding the procurement process
      • Registering your business 
      • Finding and bidding on opportunities
      • Applying for security clearance and screening

      Interested in sponsoring this webinar?

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      • 02 Nov 2021
      • 04 Nov 2021
      • 4 sessions
      • virtual via Zoom
      • 100

      Ontario is home to Canada’s largest group of environment and cleantech companies. These firms create environmental solutions that customers across Ontario and around the world buy – but their ability to succeed and grow requires a smart regulatory process and timely approvals. Ontario companies are ready to discuss the barriers to growth for their businesses and how we can overcome them, realizing the opportunity in Ontario, to create jobs, start and grow world-beating companies, and create environmental solutions that Ontario and the world needs.

      For Sponsorship Opportunities please email or call 416-531-7884 for the sponsorship package.

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    21 Mar 2017 ONEIA Policy and Pancakes Advocacy meeting with Mike Schreiner
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    24 Mar 2015 Break the Ice on the Ice: The Sequel!
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    11 Mar 2015 Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller's annual address
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    05 Dec 2014 ONEIA Advocacy Meeting
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    16 Jul 2014 Go Green on the Green: The ONEIA-Earth Rangers Golf Day
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    20 Mar 2014 Annual address by Environment Commissioner
    05 Feb 2014 ONEIA Annual General Meeting
    22 Jan 2014 ONEIA 2014 CURLING BONSPIEL: “Break the ice on the ice”
    27 Nov 2013 Environment Industry Day 2013
    10 Oct 2013 What's next at SR&ED and IRAP?
    09 Oct 2013 ONEIA Advocacy Committee meeting with NDP Environment Critic Jonah Schein
    11 Sep 2013 ONEIA Advocacy Committee Meeting with PC Environment Critic Michael Harris
    17 Jul 2013 ONEIA 2013 Golf Day
    16 May 2013 ONEIA Environment and Cleantech Business and Policy Forum
    17 Apr 2013 ONEIA Advocacy Committee Meeting (members only)
    05 Apr 2013 ONEIA 2013 CURLING BONSPIEL
    27 Mar 2013 Environment Commissioner Gord Miller speaks to environment and cleantech companies
    20 Mar 2013 ONEIA Advocacy Committee Meeting (members only)
    20 Feb 2013 ONEIA Advocacy Committee Meeting (members only)
    20 Feb 2013 Dragon's Den for environment and cleantech companies
    16 Jan 2013 ONEIA Advocacy Committee Meeting (members only)
    19 Dec 2012 ONEIA Advocacy Committee Meeting (members only)
    27 Nov 2012 ONEIA onbline event: Annual economic and market forecast briefing
    21 Nov 2012 ONEIA Advocacy Committee Meeting with NDP Critic for the Environment (members-only event)
    24 Oct 2012 ONEIA Advocacy Committee Meeting with MPP Michael Harris speaking on current developments (members only event)
    09 Oct 2012 Ontario’s water future on tap at October 9 networking lunch
    28 Sep 2012 TAX CREDIT AND PROCUREMENT BREAKFAST - September 28, 2012
    12 Sep 2012 ONEIA Advocacy Committee Meeting (MEMBERS ONLY)
    11 Jul 2012 Go Green on the Green! ONEIA Golf Day
    09 May 2012 Environment Industry Day 2012
    22 Mar 2012 Breakfast with the Ontario Minister of Environment
    28 Feb 2012 Networking Breakfast with Environment Commissioner Gord Miller
    16 Feb 2012 ONEIA Annual General Meeting
    26 Jan 2012 Tax credits, procurement, grants and networking - all in one place!
    25 Oct 2011 MOE is changing the CofA process on October 31 - are you ready?
    20 Oct 2011 A post-election panel discussion
    22 Sep 2011 Getting Ontario water sector to the next level spotlight of September 22 luncheon
    25 Aug 2011 ONEIA Business Breakfast on Waste Policy
    20 Jul 2011 ONEIA Golf Day
    05 Apr 2011 Environment Industry Day April 5: Register now!
    29 Mar 2011 Chasing the Wind and Sun: ONEIA's Renewable Energy Breakfast
    03 Mar 2011 March 3rd lunch and business forum for Brownfields/Remediation companies
    17 Feb 2011 ONEIA AGM
    18 Jan 2011 Breakfast with Ontario Environment Minister the Hon. John Wilkinson
    20 Jul 2010 ONEIA Golf Tournament
    18 May 2010 EID May 2010
    28 Mar 2010 Post-Globe 2010: Ontario meets the world

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