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Skip Willis Memorial Award


Nominations for the 2023 Skip Willis Award are now CLOSED. Nominations will re-open in Fall 2024.

Several years ago, ONEIA introduced an annual award in honour of Errick "Skip" Willis, one of Canada's prominent leaders in environmental business, one of the pillars of ONEIA and a strong advocate for the engagement of the environment business sector and the government. In honour of his vision, integrity and leadership, the award is given annually by ONEIA to a deserving individual who, following Skip’s outstanding example, helps creating a better Ontario through a green economy.

Skip Willis was a true pioneer in Ontario’s environment and cleantech industry. As one of the country’s leading experts on climate change, an advisor to governments and major corporations on emissions, a successful consultant and businessperson, a university lecturer or media commentator, Skip was the embodiment of a skilled, focused and well-rounded environmental businessperson. This commitment extended to the public policy field, where he saw the definite need to encourage dialogue between industry, government and the public.

The purpose of the award is to recognize the leadership of an individual who demonstrates the outstanding qualities and accomplishments of Skip Willis – integrity, generosity, tenacity and a track record for raising awareness of and creating action to enable the environmental industry sector in Ontario.

Nominees must have demonstrated exceptional or extraordinary leadership and inspirational qualities in championing an impactful endeavour within the environment industry. The leadership and inspiration must be demonstrated to have both positive and environmental impacts in Ontario.

The Nominator must ensure that the nominee agrees to stand for nomination. Anyone may make a formal nomination for the Award and the nominee may or may not be a current member of ONEIA.

If you have questions or would like more information regarding the Skip Willis Award, email or call 416-531-7884.

The nomination form is available here: SKIP WILLIS Nomination Form


2023: Derek Webb

2022: Alex Gill

2020: Nicholas Reid

2019: Grant Walsom, XCG Consulting

2018: Jane Pagel

2017: Ellen McGregor, Fielding Environmental

2016: Ellen Greenwood, Greenwood & Associates

2014: Robert J. Redhead

2013: Anton E. Davies, RWDI


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